The Best of Broadway

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The Boutique Dinner Theatre

The Best of Broadway

The show crafted by Ralph Hyman, director is a nostalgic look back on personal growth journeys recognizing fears, pain, love, fun and laughter. He says, “Embedded in all our struggles, we can find the beacons leading to the transformation to happiness, joy, and harmony in life.”
The 21 songs including, To Dream the Impossible Dream, Hello Dolly, No One Is Alone, I am What I Am, specifically chosen by the cast of  ten accomplished singers reflect  struggles in their own lives. The narrative and songs describe the recognition of struggles, transitions, dreams, beliefs and values used to learn to grow old with wisdom, happiness and peace.  The director reminds the cast, crew and audiences; ‘we need to look back to look forward.’
The creative team believes audience members will leave saying, “I had an emotional experience of my own.” And, “I am loving, living young, and enjoying the moments.”

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